Sport Boat 40c

Whether you’re cutting through the weather at 45 knots in the early hours with your fishing crew, or ambling quietly through a harbor at sunset, creating your irreplaceable memories is where Hinckley’s experience matters the most.

The Hinckley Sport Boat 40c is purpose-built for offshore performance.  Expect a visceral experience that will give you goose bumps and a smile from ear to ear. The key design parameters are agile handling, offshore comfort, and ease of use. The Sport Boat 40c is built of lightweight epoxy-infused carbon fiber composite with Hinckley’s world renowned craftsmanship.

On the Sport Boat 40c, we’ve designed an expansive forward J-seating area. The stern area is defined by a leaning post amenity with optional ice maker and electric grill. Below deck is an air-conditioned cabin with refrigerator, cappuccino machine, cooktop and microwave all standard. A u-shaped settee with seating for 3 converts into a queen sized berth. The Sport Boats bring a level of Hinckley refinement in materials, construction, product performance and experience to owners interested in outboard powered boats in a wash down format.

The Sport Boat 40c is standard with Mercury V12 600 power, which means you can go farther with 20% better fuel economy at a 15% faster cruise speed—and two engines instead of three affords an oversized swim platform transforming both your day in the water and on the water.  These are truly yacht motors. With silky smooth gear shifts maneuvering around the dock, you will own the helm with quiet authority in every harbor.