Our Story

The people at Hinckley have been shaped by the waters of Southwest Harbor, Maine for generations now. Since 1928, our craftsman and designers have, in turn, shaped exceptionally beautiful boats known worldwide for their incredible strength, seaworthiness, and craftsmanship.

By the end of the 1950s, Hinckley was the largest producer of sailing auxiliaries. Unknown to many even now, we pioneered the use of fiberglass in boat building. Hinckley understood its potential in strength and longevity and saw in the lightweight composites the opportunity to achieve something remarkable. Defying skeptics, Hinckley balanced the time-honored traditions of wooden boat building with an acceptance of fresh new ideas.

Today Hinckley remains at the forefront of integrating the latest technologies. Carbon fiber has now replaced fiberglass. We were one of the first American builders to adopt SCRIMP resin infusion and today we remain a world leader in single bond carbon infusion which allows for a single chemical bond between hull and support structure. With our move to epoxy resin infusion this year, we are now building with a resin of 40% greater strength and improved environmental benefits. Our time honored and highly protected single bond, vacuum-infusion process chemically bonds carbon fiber and epoxy from bow to stern for incredible strength and durability. This is unique. It is why we guarantee our hulls and decks for life*.